Your rights to flight delay compensation are govern under the EU regulation 261/2004.

Airlines carrying passengers within Europe or into Europe are bound by these regulations which state that they should pay flight delay compensation if your flight is cancelled or you are delayed for more than three hours.  See our website for all you need to know.

Flight delay compensation

Also under the rules airlines should provide food and accommodation for delayed flights.  If your flight is cancelled you have an automatic right to food, accommodation and upwards of 250 Euros in compensation, unless there are extraordinary circumstances. Passengers who are denied boarding under certain circumstances are also entitled to accommodation, food and compensation according to the EU regulation but a lot of airlines do not follow this.

Another common issue passengers experience at airports is lost luggage. EU 261 regulation does not protect passengers in this respect but the Montreal Convention does offer some protection.  This rule means that if your carrier loses your bag, you’re entitled to compensation of up to £1,000.

Company Responses to previous complaints can be seen here –  see full article here.
The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) says:
Passengers rights in the case of delays, cancellations and denied boarding:
Under European regulations (EC261), passengers have important rights if their flight is delayed, cancelled or they are denied boarding. These rights have been in place across Europe since February 2005 and the CAA is the national enforcement body for them here in the UK. The rights cover the following:
•    If a passenger’s flight has been cancelled or delayed for several hours their airline must look after them. This means providing food, drinks, and some communications. If they are delayed overnight, this also means providing passengers with a hotel and travel to and from it.
•    If a passenger’s flight is cancelled, their airline must offer them an alternative flight or a full refund. The passenger may also be entitled to compensation if the flight was cancelled less than 14 days before the scheduled departure.
•    If a passenger is denied boarding or “bumped” from a flight, the airline must offer them an alternative flight or a refund. The passenger will also be entitled to compensation.
•    If a passenger’s flight is delayed by more than 5 hours and they no longer want to travel they are entitled to a full refund.
It’s important that passengers are aware of these rights.  

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