5.5 Hour Flight delay due to mechanical problems onboard the aircraft.

British Airways flight delay claim by 5.5 hours due to a mechanical problem within the aircraft’s cockpit left passengers stranded in London Gatwick airport without any refreshment vouchers given. Passengers were strongly upset that no consideration for passengers that was waiting to board there delayed flight was given.

Passengers explain ‘we was just left to wait around without any updates or any refreshments and then all of a sudden there was a big rush telling all passengers to immindetly go to gate number 17’

Tourist’s returning back to Perth explain ‘We have never been so badly treated in our lives. It’s like we have just been left and not condiered about. I find it disgusting that we have had to wait around a terminal for over 5 hours before there was a sudden rush to board the aircraft’

British Airways representatives strongly appologised to all of the passengers on board the aircraft.

Flight delay compensation

If you have had a similar experience to the blog above then you may be able to claim flight delay compensation. If your flight was delayed within the last 6 years and was for 3 hours or more. Then you could be entitled to a payout of flight delay compensation. Click the links below for all the information you need:

Flight delay compensation British Airways

Flight delay compensation London Gatwick

Flight delay compensation- All you need to know

British Airways Flight Delay Compensation Claim Form

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