Flight Delay Compensation Claims – Emirates Airways

Hundreds of passengers left on a aircraft that some passengers described as “boiling” for 4 hours resulted in two of the passengers fainting due to the heat.

Passengers flying on an Emirates Airways flight from Manchester Airport to Dubai was sustanially delayed by 8 hours due to “technical issues” but was later found to be delayed due to “defrosting the aircraft” which left passengers clueless to what is happening.

One passenger explained “we was left in sweltering conditions, with no air condittioning aloud to be switched on, passengers were not aloud to use the toilet and no refreshments was offered why we was stuck in our seats in a cramped, hot aircraft full of frustrated passengers. We felt like a hostage on a plane, the cabin crew was even panaking”

It is believed passengers was only offered a refreshment and a meal 2 hours after they departed making that a total of 6 hours without a refreshment or food.

Due to this flight delay passengers are now entitles to make a flight delay compensation claims due to this delay and the poor service they recieved.

A woman travelling alone described how angry she was at Emirates Airways. She was left clueless and was close to having a panic attack as her daughter was sat waiting alone in dubai for this whole time crying with worry as she did not know what was going on and she couldn’t get in touch with her. This resulted in the passenger being stressed why she was left wondering were her daughter was.

Once the claimant submitted a flight delay compensation claims against Emirates Airways and was later on rewarded £510.00 in flight delay compensation with an addition of £30.00 refund which she spend on refreshments.

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