Ryan Air flight delay Passengers stranded

It has been reported that many Ryan Air passengers experienced a 3 day flight delay!! Yes 3 days in the holiday Island Corfu. It is claimed that some passengers had lost their job as a result of the flight delay.

The Ryan Air flight was from Manchester Airport.

Passengers were aware that other passengers were able to fly from the Greek Island but not the Ryan Air flight. It was noticed that Airlines such as EasyJet and Thomas Cook Airlines all flying back to the UK while the Easy Jet flight was still stranded at the airport.

Claim your flight delay compensation – Ryan Air and Manchester Airport

If your flight delay has been by 3 hours or more and occurred within the last 6 years you can claim compensation now, even if the cause of the delay was due to a mechanical fault.

Click on the following links for more information on your flight delay compensation claim:

Flight Delay Compensation Ryan Air

Flight Delay Compensation Manchester Airport Claim Form

Flight Delays Manchester Airport

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