How much will i get for whiplash compensation?

A claimant in his 40’s was reported to be suffering a severe whiplash injury in result of a rear end shunt with another motor car. A claim for whiplash compensation via injury solicitors was made.

The claimant did not use his own motor insurance panel solicitors because it was reported that they would charge him up to 25% of his compensation if he won his case.

The claimant experienced severe pain to his arms, hands, neck, upper back and shoulders along with stiffness.

When the claimant attended a medical expert, instructed by his own personal whiplash injury solicitors, he was put on strong painkillers and recommended to undergo physiotherapy due to his whiplash injury.

How much will I get for whiplash compensation?

Following the car accident claim the claimant had struggled to perform house hold duties, such as personal care, lift heavy items, do fitness exercising and his sleep was severely affected.

The medical expert reviewed the claimant 5 months post car accident and describes the claimant’s upper limb movements were restricted with pain and discomfort, the expert observed tenderness and muscle spasm in the neck also and described it as moderate.

The claimant is suffering with fear of travelling due to the accident.

The total damages amounted up to £5,500 due to his whiplash injury claim. In addition to the repair damage to his own motor car, insurance excess and some minor medical expenses.

How much for Whiplash Compensation?

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