Flight delay compensation and Emirates.

A flight has been grounded travelling from Dubai due to serious technical faults.

It is believed passengers travelling from Dubai to London Heathrow, was grounded for 24 hours and was forced to divert back to Dubai when the pilot received an indication that there was a technical issue with the aircraft.

The aircraft landed when it was announced there was problems with its fuel pumps, a replacement cabin crew and pilots were flew into Dubai from Perth which resulted in passengers waiting around and wondering when they will be returning back home.

Passengers were forced to sit on tarmac for hours as staff manually ticked off passengers names as they boarded the plane causing the flight to miss the time to depart back to London Heathrow which caused there flight to be delayed overnight.

How to claim flight delay compensation?

To claim for compensation due to a flight delay is easy through us. If you answer yes to 4 simple questions you may have a claim for compensation and any family member or friend you flew with. Remember, Flight Companies are not making it easy to claim against them. There are £Millions at stake. If you are not willing to go to court yourself to obtain your compensation you should instruct a flight delay compensation solicitor.

  1. Did your flight depart within the last 6 years?
  2. Was your flight delayed by 3 hours or more?
  3. Did the flight arrive/depart in an EU country?
  4. Was the cause of the flight delay the airline’s fault?

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