Flight delay claims may increase as next week, thousands of Britons will cross the Channel for their half-term holidays, also the Euro 2016 football tournament kicks off shortly, with matches to be held in France.  Yet at the same time France is staring down the barrel of a long summer of strikes due to disputes between the government and a variety of unions.

Flight delay claims
French air traffic controllers are planning a three-day strike at the beginning of June which may see rise to the number of flight delay claims. 

This is their 47th strike since 2009 and the 6th strike in two months, according to Ryanair.  The French ATC strikes have forced airlines such as British Airways and EasyJet to ground hundreds of flights and disrupt thousands of passengers.

If your flight is cancelled EU regulations require airlines to offer either a full refund of the unused parts of your ticket or to re-route you to your destination as soon as possible.  However, you are not entitled to additional compensation as the airlines are not directly responsible for the disruption.  See our website for all you need to know.
If you are stranded abroad, EU regulations make it clear that EU airlines, or those flying from an EU airport, are liable to pay for the cost of a hotel and subsistence.
Should your airline advise you to buy your own food and accommodation, keep all receipts, and keep such costs to a reasonable minimum, before making a claim when you get back to Britain.

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