A Controversial Outburst by Joey Barton

Joey Barton is in the press about his X (Twitter) remarks.

In a series of inflammatory tweets, Joey Barton expressed disdain for female football commentators, arguing that they should not hold authority in men’s football. Barton specifically targeted prominent figures like Eni Aluko, Siobhan Chamberlain, and Gabby Logan, stating, “Women shouldn’t be talking with any kind of authority in the men’s game.” This controversial opinion emerged amidst an uptick in female commentators during live Premier League matches, triggering a public outcry.

Dismissal of Female Commentators

Facing a barrage of criticism, Barton doubled down on his stance, dismissing those supporting female commentators as “eunuchs.” He stood firm on his perspective, suggesting that discussing men’s football is as alien to him as talking about “Knitting or Netball,” arguing that such discussions are outside his comfort zone. Notably, this isn’t the first instance of Barton endorsing such views; he had previously supported Kevin Keegan’s criticism of female pundits.

A transcript is reported in LBC online that provides:

Barton posted: “Women shouldn’t be talking with any kind of authority in the men’s game. Come on. Let’s be serious.

“It’s a completely different game.

“If you don’t accept that. We will always see things differently.

“The women’s game is thriving. Fantastic to see.

“I cannot take a thing they say serious in the men’s arena.”

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After receiving a barrage of abuse, he described men who stand up for female commentators as eunuchs and added: “Stand by everything I’ve said on Women commenting and co-comms on the Men’s football.

“Like me talking about Knitting or Netball. Way out of my comfort zone.

“Some of the Men are bad enough!

“We have gone too far. You cannot watch a game now without hearing the nonsense.

“Any man who says otherwise is an absolute fart parcel.”

In October he backed Kevin Keegan who sparked similar fury when he said he doesn’t enjoy female commentators talking about men’s football.

Keegan had said: “(I don’t like) listening to ladies talking about the England men’s team at the match because I don’t think it’s the same experience. I have a problem with that.”

Barton posted at the time: “Kevin Keegan. Ballon D’or winner 1978. England manager. He’s bang on.”

Barton is a former Manchester City midfielder who was sacked as manager of Bristol Rovers in October.

His latest comments come after six Premier League games were shown live on Amazon Prime video, with a number of female football experts involved in the broadcasts.

Government’s Response: Sports Minister Stuart Andrew Steps In

Expressing Concern and Committing to Action the Sports Minister Stuart Andrew expressed deep concern, labeling the remarks as “dangerous” and vowing to intervene with social media platforms. Andrew condemned Barton’s statements unequivocally, emphasising that such remarks open the door to abuse and are unacceptable. He reiterated his commitment to engaging with social media companies to address the issue promptly.

Support for FA’s Review and Round Table on Transgender Athletes

Beyond the issue with Barton’s comments, Stuart Andrew extended support for the FA’s decision to review an independent investigation into the tragic death of Maddy Cusack, a 27-year-old player. Additionally, Andrew disclosed plans to host a round table discussion with sports governing bodies, focusing on policies related to transgender athletes in women’s sports. He underscored the government’s priority of fairness and safety, intending to hold these bodies accountable for progress in creating inclusive policies.

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