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An experienced skydiving instructor was involved in a fatal accident when attempting a sky dive with his in-experienced friend. The experienced sky diver had dived over 1000 times without any major incidents. His friend was relevantly in-experienced and had only jumped 6 times.

Both were involved in an annual Icelandic skydiving excursion to Florida, they had already completed two jumps and now where attempting their third. They jumped from the plane separately but both where not found. The police were called and search parties sent out. After nine hours both of the bodies where found in a woodland area a mile away from where they should have landed.

When the bodies were found the primary parachute had not been opened and also the backup parachute was not deployed, which are designed to automatically open if the main chute fails.

The fatal accident investigation was only made clear by the video footage that had happened. The inexperienced male could not open his parachute and making a quick decision the other male risked his own life to save his friend. Both sadly fell to their death.

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