Can you claim compensation for a delayed flight? You’ve packed, you’ve gotten to the airport, you’ve cleared customs and then…your flight gets delayed. A rubbish way to start your holiday!

If your flight lands more than 3 hours late you could be able to claim compensation for a delayed flight.  However, it’s not always that straightforward.
Airlines don’t have to pay if there have been ‘extraordinary circumstances’ which are outside the airline’s control.

The word ‘extraordinary’ sounds like it’s something that would rarely happen but in reality a great deal of delays fall into the category.
We will contact the airline on your behalf and calculate the compensation you are entitled too, at the first step most airlines tend to reject the claims and we would request their evidence to support the rejection of your claim.   If they still refuse when you are entitled to the compensation we would contact the CAA in an attempt to resolve the complaint.

compensation for delayed flight

If the CAA agree that you are entitled to compensation for a delayed flight, the airline will usually pay out, otherwise your next step will be to go to the small claims court.

The amount of compensation for a delayed flight, you may be entitled to depends on how far you were travelling. The compensation is paid in euros:
Length of flight    Delay to destination    Compensation due
Up to 1500km    More than 3 hours    €250
1500km to 3500km    More than 3 hours    €400
More than 3500km    More than 3 hours, but less than 4 hours    €300
More than 3500km    More than 4 hours    €600

These payments are for the inconvenience of the delay only. If you end up having to pay for refreshments, taxis or accommodation because the airline didn’t provide them they should be refunding these costs (within reason).

It’s worth noting the airline should always provide refreshments after a 2 hour delay and accommodation for an overnight one. That’s regardless of the cause of the delay; ‘extraordinary circumstances’ do not apply.

Here in the UK, the time limit for bringing a claim to court is six years from the date of the delayed flight. Generally, the sooner you make a claim the better.  So don’t delay and contact us today for your no win no fee claim.

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