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Delay Flight Compensation – What Can I Claim?

Delayed Flights by at least 2 hours

EU Flight delay compensation can be obtained from EU Airlines as they are subject to the EU Denied Boarding Regulations if a plane is delayed. The entitlements are:

  • Free drinks and meals,
  • Free accommodation and hotel transfers if you have to stay overnight.

Providing that the following is applicable to the flight delay:

  • Delayed Flight* by at least 2 hours if distance is under 1500 km
  • Delayed Flight* by at least 3 hours if distance is more 1500 km
  • A Delayed Flight outside a EU Country but is between 1500 km and 3500km is delayed for at least three hours
  • Any other Delayed Flight by at least four hours

*Delayed flight within EU Countries

Delayed Flight Compensation – Delay Greater than 5 hours plus

Delayed flight of five hours or more, the airline company is obliged to make a refund of the flight cost (but this excludes the holiday price if the flight is part of a package holiday).

Supreme Court Decision

In addition you are entitled to flight delay compensation please visit our web page for further information on how to make a claim Delayed Flight Compensation

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