Delayed flight compensation is not being claimed

If you’re a flyer in Europe and your flight has been delayed the law entitles you to a refund or compensation. Contact our team today.

Delayed flight compensation

European Commission Regulation 261/2004 established a series of refunds and reimbursements for delays, cancellations, flight bumps and lost baggage for those flying in Europe since 2006. Airlines pay for service disruptions, but the claims have to be filed in the country of departure regardless of your particular national citizenship.  Since the maximum a flyer in Europe can receive for a claim is €600, this means most individuals don’t have the time or money to complain and, if necessary, take a claim in court.  Visit our website to see what you need to claim.

While it may not make sense for an individual flyer to go after a claim, this can add up to big money for travel managers with hundreds or thousands of flyers traveling each year. Travel managers usually have to submit a claim by email, then deal with disputed claims.
In the U.S, flyers are only entitled to compensation when they are denied boarding.

The founder and CEO of California-based AirHelp states: “Only five percent [of flyers] entitled to compensation actually receive the money they’re owed. They don’t know what they’re entitled to.”  Original article can be found here.

The U.S. is the fourth biggest market on EU air passage rights, because of the traffic to and from Europe and unclaimed compensation; it means a lot of passengers are missing out on their entitlement to delayed flight compensation.  We can assist with reclaiming your flight delay compensation, contact us today.

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