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Deafness Due To Age – No Compensation Payable?

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Age Related Hearing Loss

Interesting the most common cause of hearing loss that deafness compensation solicitor have to deal with is age related hearing loss.  With age, we all lose part of our ability to hear.  There is no set loss of hearing due to age, we are all different.  Therefore some lose their hearing more that others due to age alone without the affects of noise at work.

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Therefore experts have come up with some statistical data called the NPL Tables that have assessed individuals in different age groups to provide some figures of the possible average age related loss.  

Therefore when your solicitor and medical expert considers your claim they will take into account the hearing tests and compare your hearing loss with the tables to see if there has been any damage to your hearing over and above the age related hearing loss.  No compensation can be made for loss due to your age or other factors.

Compensation For Deafness At Work Calculator

How then is the deafness solicitor to calculate the compensation where there is what can be called mixed deafness, that is where there is hearing damage to due to noise, age and possibly some other factor?  This can be difficult and quite complex as there are competing theories of what can be claimed.

Putting it simply, one way to make a calculation is to compare the individual worker exposed to noise and subtract from the overall hearing loss the average damage due to age from the NPL tables and then refer to a specialist engineer who will calculate the possible noise dose the worker was exposed to during his place of work.  Once the noise levels have been established this will provide the possible calculation of damage to hearing from noise.  Take into account any other factor that can cause deafness will result in an over all assessment of noise damage due to work.

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