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In this case, the employee was exposed to excessive levels of noise at work that had caused him hearing loss.  As a result of the exposure of noise at work he claimed for industrial deafness compenstion against his former employers.

Symptoms of Deafness Due To Work

The main issue was that if the room was quite and the person was speaking clearly, he could hear what is being said without too much difficulty.  However if there is background noise, that is:

  • More than one person talking at the same time,
  • Public environment such as pub or social gathering
  • Noise from TV or radio

Then this is where the disability would kick-in and he would have difficulty hearing the spoken word.   The noise damage to hearing often affects the ‘speech’ frequency were we hear the human voice.  The damage occurs at 1,2,3 kHz frequency levels (which incidentally, deafness can occur due to ageing).

Compensation Solicitors

Deafness Compensation Claim Was Made By Solicitors

The employee of the defendant company that had exposed him to excessive noise over a period of 15 years was taken to court for the hearing loss and damage sustained.  

The Deafness compensation solicitors obtained a medical report from an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who confirmed following an examination and a hearing test that the damage to his hearing was indeed caused by noise at work.

How much compensation for deafness at work?

In this case the ENT expert advised of the following:

Deafness caused by work over the speech frequencies: 1,2,3 kHz just under 14 decibels.

He did not complain of tinnitus (whistling or buzzing noises in the ears).

Compensation for deafness was assessed in the sum of £5,500.

The Claimant was in his late 40’s when the compensation was paid.

Advice for Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims?

If you or someone you know may have a hearing problem and looking back may have been exposed to loud noise at work then a claim for compensation can be made against former employers even though they are no longer trading.

There are databases that industrial deafness solicitors can check to see if the insurance company of the previous employers can be traced.  If they can, a claim for deafness compensation can be made.

So contact us the deafness compensation claim solicitors for advice under our no win, no fee solicitor service.

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