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We are often asked when dealing with a work related deafness claim due to exposure to noise, even before a medical report from a hearing loss expert is obtained, ‘how much for hearing loss compensation?’

The answer is difficult as it depends on various factors:

  1. Extent of the hearing damage at work (which has to be confirmed by the medical expert);
  2. Number of years exposed to excessive noise at work;
  3. How many of those years exposed to noise were pre and post 1963 the cut off date when you can claim;
  4. If there are multiple employers at fault, how many can be traced and their insurance company;
  5. Whether you also suffer from ‘tinnitus’ (noises, buzzing, whistling) in the ears which can add to the compensation.
  6. Age of the worker making a claim for hearing loss compensation, the younger the claimant the more compensation as he or she has a longer period of suffering.
  7. Whether hearing aids are required to help with the noise induced hearing  loss, if so this will add to the overall compensation levels.
  8. Whether hearing aids were provided during your employment.

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Deafness Compensation Calculator

As stated above there are many variables as stated above that the deafness claim solicitors will consider with you before making an assessment.  The solicitors will discuss with you your case on a personal level and if there is a possibility your hearing has been damaged will send you to see a Ear, Nose and Throat expert (ENT) to examine your  years and provide a hearing test.

If the medical report from the ENT confirms a diagnosis of deafness at work a claim for compensation can be made.

Find How Much Your Deafness Compensation is Worth

Why not call our industrial hearing loss solicitor now for advice and support all under our no win, no fee, solicitor service so you have nothing to lose by taking action.

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