A van turned left into a cyclist – but who’s at fault?

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As the traffic light signal turns green, a cyclist is riding down a cycle lane on the left side of the road, But as she makes her way forward, the van turns and crashes into her.

The dashcam video footage is available HERE.

The rules of the road stated in the highway code:-
Rule 170 for motorists -At junctions, watch out for cyclists, motorcyclists, powered wheelchairs/mobility scooters and pedestrians as they are not always easy to see. Be aware that they may not have seen or heard you if you are approaching from behind.
Yet for cyclists the rules state:- Rule 72 On the left. When approaching a junction on the left, watch out for vehicles turning in front of you, out of or into the side road. Just before you turn, check for undertaking cyclists or motorcyclists. Do not ride on the inside of vehicles signaling or slowing down to turn left.
Rule 73 for cyclists states-Pay particular attention to long vehicles which need a lot of room to manoeuvre at corners. Be aware that drivers may not see you. They may have to move over to the right before turning left. Wait until they have completed the manoeuvre because the rear wheels come very close to the kerb while turning. Do not be tempted to ride in the space between them and the kerb.

If you have been involved in a similar accident or would like to know more about claiming compensation for a cycle accident please contact us.

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