Corina Virus Compensation Scheme for Employees Affected by the Pandemic

Cornonavirus compensation for self employed workers. Today the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak will announce £Billions of compensation to the self-employed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The compensation package for the self-employed will be paid direct into their bank accounts for their losses. It is expected it will be backdated like the announcement to employees who were granted a package deal up to £2,500 per month earlier this month.

Boris Johnson has pledged to give the self-employed “parity of support” with those who are employed.

How much compensation for the Self-employed?

As a result of the coronavirus crisis (COVID-19), the Government has took out more time to decide how much compensation self-employed workers will obtain as their situation is more complicated to work out than employees who tend to have a steady rate of pay over a period of time.

Government officials are said to provide a “blended” mixture of their revenues and profits over the past three years. They would then be paid a significant proportion of their usual income up to a capped amount, which some in industry have suggested should be £1,700 a month.

In the Times today on the compensation claims for the self-employed as a result of the coronavirus it is said that ‘The scheme will be designed to ensure that wealthier people who are self-employed such as lawyers and TV presenters are not able to take advantage. There are an estimated 5 million self-employed workers in the UK, but not all will have been directly affected by the outbreak. The bailout is expected to be means-tested, with discussions that those earning over £50,000 a year should not be able to benefit.

The scheme will be administered by HM Revenue & Customs, which will set up a website to ask people for their bank details. They will not be expected to provide proof that their incomes have been reduced by the coronavirus outbreak. It is likely to be ready by the end of April.

Workers Claim Compensation for Coronavirus

If you are an employee or a self-employed worker that has been made to return to work despite the Government warnings and you feel that your employer or contractor has failed to correctly protect you, such as failure to adopt the 2 metre distance between workers, lack of or inadequate protective masks and protective clothing, failure to supply any or adequate cleaning and anti-bacterial soap etc.  If that has happened at the work place and you or someone you know has contracted coronavirus (COVID 19) you may be able to claim compensation.

Please visit our page compensation for coronavirus claims or contact us to make an enquiry about the compensation scheme.

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