Betsi Cadwaladr Hosptials – Complaints Procedure

The university hospital trust has come under fire for entering ‘special measures’ for the second time as reported by The BBC.  Complaints against Betsi Cadwaladr Hospitals continue in addition to compensation claims by clinical negligence solicitors.

Eluned Morgan MS, Minister for Health and Social Services has gone on record as to why the Health Board was placed into special measures. The minister has said:

I placed Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board into Special Measures on 27 February because of serious concerns about board effectiveness, organisational culture, service quality and reconfiguration, governance, patient safety, operational delivery, leadership and financial management.

If you are looking to claim compensation against a Betsi Cadwaladr Trust Hospital, see our comprehensive guide: Claiming Compensation against Bestsi Cadwaladr Hospital.

Why Complain Against Betsi Cadwaladr Hospital Trust?

In summary you only need to look at the The report damming report on Betsi Cadwaladr health board, Dyfed Edwards, stated that the necessary improvements might take up to a decade, likening it to creating a new health board.

The health board, which serves over 700,000 people in north Wales, entered special measures for the second time in February due to serious failings in patient safety, performance, and governance. Edwards emphasised the opportunity to reset the board, seeing it as a five to 10-year task. The board’s new permanent chief executive, Carol Shillabeer, outlined plans for more effective leadership and engagement, improved performance, and investment in staff over the next six to 12 months. Welsh Conservatives criticised the timeframe, calling it an “extraordinary admission,” and Plaid Cymru reiterated its call for an inquiry into the issues at Betsi Cadwaladr. The health board, receiving the highest level of Welsh government support, faces challenges including staff shortages and executive turnover. Despite concerns about the extended timeline, Edwards emphasised the goal of creating something greater for the community over the long term.

Betsi Cadwaladr Complaints Procedure

On the Betsi Cadwaladr website there is a complaint procedure that all patients should follow.  As clinical negligence solicitors who have made  compensation claims against Betsi Cadwaladr hospital for clinical negligence on many occasion resulting in one case over a £1 Million settlement recently, it is advised to make a complaint first but with our help.

The North Wales website provides the following information to make a complaint:

We aim to provide the very best care and treatment. The vast majority of people are happy with the health care that they receive from us, but sometimes things might not go as well as expected. When that happens, we need to find out what went wrong to make things better.

Often, worries and problems can be resolved there and then. If you have concerns about the care or services we provide, please share your feelings and experiences at the time by speaking directly to a staff member on the ward or department such as a Manager or Matron.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them directly, or if you feel the matter has not been resolved contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service(PALS). Our dedicated team will raise concerns on your behalf to resolve things quickly.

How to Make a Complaint Against Betsi Cadwaladr Hosptials Trust

The link to their website is provided here: Betsi Cadwaladr Complaint Form

However we recommend that a complaint against one of the  Betsi Cadwaladr Hospitals should be with our help first. As specialist medical negligence solicitors with decades of experience making claims against hospitals and GPs including clinical negligence claims against Betsi Cadwaladr Hospital Trust we advise many patients on how to approach a complaint and help them fill in the forms.  In our experience with our expert advice, this will assist in maximising the chances of not only resolving the complaint fairly but also with the opportunity of obtaining maximum compensation against a Betsi Cadwaladr Hospital for the injury, pain and suffering caused by the breach of their professional duty of care towards you by their doctors, nursers and staff employed by the trust.

The Trust has a procedure where it requires the patient firstly to register a complaint.  However we would ask any patient first to instruct us to assist you with formulating a comprehensive complaint providing a chronology and technical understanding of the breach of duty and care.  This will then avoid any  possible mistakes in this area by you that may be used against you should you later wish to reply upon any compensation claim at a later date.

Once we have gone through the complaint procedure, if there is no or insufficient compensation made to you, we can then proceed to the next step to claim compensation against Betsi Cadwaladr Hosptial.

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Betsi Calwaladr List of Hospitals the Board Oversees

Wrexham and Flintshire:

Chirk Hospital
Deeside Community Hospital
Holywell Hospital
Mold Hospital
Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Conwy and Denbighshire:

Abergele Hospital
Colwyn Bay Hospital
Denbigh Hospital
Glan Clwyd Hospital
Llandudno General Hospital
Royal Alexandra
Ruthin Hospital

Gwynedd and Anglesey:

Bryn Beryl Hospital
Cefni Hospital
Dolgellau and Barmouth Hospital
Tywyn Hospital
Ysbyty Alltwen
Ysbyty Eryri
– Ysbyty Gwynedd
Ysbyty Penrhos Stnaley

The No Win, No Fee, No Worry Solicitors

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No Win, No Fee, No Worry, Compensation Solicitors

Liverpool is a City close to North  Wales and we have helped numerous patients of Betsi Cadwaladr Hospital obtain compensation for clinical negligence.  As a specialist firm of medical negligence solicitors with decades of experience in this area we are local to you and can provide a comprehensive legal assessment of your case all under our NO WIN, NO FEE, NO WORRY service that means you can have complete piece of mind by instructing us.

Your first contact will be met by an understanding and sympathetic solicitor who will help you from making a complaint and if not resolved a claim for compensation.  Below are just a few examples of compensation claims against Betsi Cadwaladr Hospital Trust where we have successfully obtained compensation.

Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

A failure to detect cancer in a patient in time resulting in death to a mother and wife, we secured over a £1 Million in compensation.

Failure to Detect Thrombosis

An elderly lady who suffered from thrombosis (blood clots) was not detected by the trust. Thankfully there was no long lasting damages and the case was settled during the complaint procedure so there was no need to take court action at all.

Wrongful Knee Implant

The consultant had used the wrong knee implant leaving the patient with several years of pain and anxiety.  The case was settled to include the cost of further operation.

Failed to detect abnormal cervix during childbirth

Extensive reports on failures at Betsi Cadwaladr has resulted in a successful offers of compensation.

Maximise Compensation with our help

All claims initially were made via the Betsi Cadwaladr complaints procedure.  This demonstrates the importance of instructing us to firstly advise and submit a claim to ultimately settled a clinical negligence claim for compensation.

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