Compensation for whiplash injury in road accident

A female driver, whilst performing a U-Turn on a main road sustained whiplash injury when her vehicle struck an on-coming car.

At the relevant time, the Claimant female driver’s path was obstructed due to a refuse lorry which had broken down.

The Claimant therefore had to perform a U-Turn and while doing so, the near side, rear passenger part of the car was struck by the Defendant driver when he failed to appreciate the change in direction.

Compensation for Whiplash Injury

Following the collision the Defendant driver had admitted liability for the accident and they exchanged details. However, when the whiplash injury claim was submitted by her personal injury solicitors, the insurance company refused to admit negligence and blamed the female driver as she should not have performed a U-Turn as she did.

Here whiplash injury solicitors therefore proceeded to take action and issued court proceedings after they had obtained an independent medical report which confirms a 9 month whiplash injury claim.

Issuing Court Proceedings

Following the issue of proceedings a defence was filed denying liability. However when at the stage of exchange of witness statements and following examination and photographs of the damage to both motor vehicles the Defendant Insurer admitted negligence and made an offer of compensation for whiplash injury in the sum of £1800. This was rejected and a further offer of £2,000 arrived. Again this offer was refused and following further negotiations and the pressure of a court hearing, an offer was make to settle in the sum of £2,900 in full and final settlement of the whiplash injury compensation claim.

In addition, compensation was also obtained for the damage to her motor vehicle, loss of earnings (she had to take two days off work) and out of pocket expenses.

Making a whiplash Claim

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