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Compensation for Deafness At Work – Over £5,000

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In a recent case cited McGeough v Tata Steel Uk Ltd, a claim for compensation for deafness was made.  The Claimant was press operator and worked for the company (his employers) between 1961 to 1994.

Hearing protectors were not provided by his employers and it was alleged by the claimant worker that his employers exposed him to excessive noise that cause him deafness.

He instructed a solicitor to claim compensation for deafness at work.  He advised the court that at work he would often have to shout in order to be heard by his fellow work colleagues. 

As he had exposure to noise prior to 1963, his employers (due to the law) were not responsible for any damage or deafness caused before this date (that is a 2 year period).

Deafness Compensation Claims

Medical Expert Confirmed Deafness At Work Claim

An independent medical expert was instructed by his solicitors to examine him and provide an opinion as to whether his complaint about deafness and loss of hearing was due to excessive noise at work or due to ageing or some other non-work related problems.

The medical expert was of the view that:

  • The deafness level due to noise was 10 decibels 
  • There was no tinnitus as a result of the exposure to noise at work
  • No hearing aids were required by the Claimant

His deafness claim solicitors agreed compensation of his hearing loss in the global sum of £4,500 which was reduced by agreement on a pro-rata apportionment basis to take into account the pre-1963 damage to hearing which was not compensable.

Compensation for deafness at work?

Don’t leave it until it is too late.  YOU HAVE A LIMITED TIME TO CLAIM.  If you delay, even if you prove that your deafness or hearing loss was caused by work you can still lose the right to claim if the compensation claims was not brought promptly.  Please contact us now to make a compensation claim for deafness at work.


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