Just had an interesting call with a concerned Father regarding Football Agents. He expressed his concerns to me and stated that his son is 15 years old and has been offered a 2 year scholarship at a Premier League club. The Father went on to explained that he is being “harassed by so called Football Agents” who are offering him money and offering to pay for petrol money. Football Agents are also trying to bribe his son with football boots and days out. The Father also explained that these so called Football Agents are contacting clubs saying they represent the player and then are demanding that they sign up with their agency and pay them a fee for the work they have undertook.

Sadly, this is not the first call we have received regarding this mater and this is a common tactic used by some Football Agents who are working in their own best interest and not the player’s best interest. Some Football Agents will also claim to be authorised the Football Association (FA) but this is not always the case. Before signing with a Football Agent it is advised to check their details with the Football Association (FA) via their website.

There are also Football Agents who claim to work for big companies but work for themselves. It is likely that these Football Agents are ‘one man bands’ and or regulated and may not be suitable to represent as they may not have the contacts/relationships with clubs.

If you require advice regarding Football Agents please contact us for free professional advice.

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