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Back injuries at work or on the road following a road traffic accident are common. They can occur at any time from everyday work to a “one off” incident.

Accident at work compensation guide to back injuries. In this video we explore the 3 main types of injuries at work and provide a guide as to the amount of compensation for each injury. Content of the video are as follows: A compression fracture Can be due to fall from height. Worse cases:- *osteoarthritis, *constant pain, *risk of spinal fusion *surgery. Compensation: fractures to £31,000 A burst fracture Due to substantial force on the spine: Worse Cases: *chronic pain, *risk of osteoarthritis, *disc lesions, *impaired agility, *risk of surgery. Compensation: Up to £56,000 Dislocation Can occur over time due to repetitive movement or lifting: Worse cases: *disturbance of ligaments *backacke, *exacerbation of pre-existing condition(s) *prolapsed disc. Compensation: up to £23,000 If you have had a back injury and want to make a claim contact us: R James Hutcheon Solicitors T: 0151 431 0548 T: 0800 011 2757

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