VW – Audi Emissions – Too Early To Talk About Compensation*

In a remarkable grilling before the Transport Commission in London, the Chief Executive of Volkswagen Uk Paul Willis (VW also make Audi, Seat & Skoda motor vehicles caught up in the VW Emissions Scandal) appologised:

“Sincerely and unreservedly…”

To all of its customers who were sold a Diesel Engine with the “defeat software” which under-evaluated the emissions of their vehicles. VW Manufactures the following vehicles under its group where vehicles were sold that are affected. The following are listed and a link if you wish to make a claim:

Too Soon to Talk About VW Scandal Compensation Claims UK

The full implications about the VW Scandal will be revealed over time. Compensation for VW Diesel Claims are also ‘premature’ according to the VW Cheif Executive whose vehicles will fail to meet the emissions levels once the defective software has been removed.

The Chief Exectutive said that their customers will be given a free car hire for the day the vehicle is in the garage getting fixed and ‘nothing else.’

Tory MP Mark Menzies asked Willis: “What compensation are you seeking to give people that bought your cars on good faith and sold a pack of lies?” Willis responded: “Of course where a customer is inconvenienced we will have to produce a loan car. On the loss of value, I think it’s premature to talk about that.”

VW Compensation Claims Can Go Back In The UK to 2008

During the session, Mr Willis advised that the fitting of the defective diesel engines fitted with the ‘cheat’ software can go back to 2008 and that cars were still being sold with the defective software after the VW Scandal broke out in America earlier this year.

VW Auid, Skoda & Seat Cars Affected

The Chief Executive informed the Committee that of about 1.2 million affected cars sold in the UK, about 400,000 vehicles fitted:

  • 1.6L diesel engine will need fuel injectors altered as well as a software fix.
  • 2.0L diesel engines would need a software fix.

The total number of cars affected in the UK :-

  • Volkswagens 583,000,
  • Audi 393,000 and.
  • Skodas 132,000
  • Seat 77,000

The recall of Audi, VW, Skoda & Seat UK vehicles will start in the first quarter of 2016. You are likely to receive a recall letter from the Manufacturer of your vehicle in the post to advise you have been affected. If you have not received your letter yet or wish to see if your car is affected please click on the following link that is relevant to your vehicle.

Audi Diesel Claims VIN Check

Volkswagen Diesel Claims VIN Check

Skoda Diesel Claims VIN Checker

Seat Diesel Claims VIN Checker

*Source: International Business Times

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