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Delayed flight compensation: Why are airlines and in particular domestic carriers refusing to own up to their own complicity in ever increasing delayed flight compensation?

American Airlines are one of many offenders in the latest tales of airlines forcing delayed flights and trying very hard to pass the blame to the customer, a lot of airlines seem to be using any excuse to prevent accepting fault and paying for the flight delay compensation.

flight delay compensation

Airlines want to make money, and your time means very little to them especially when vouchers are assigned for use towards the airline that ruined your trip in the first place, and that is usually only reserved for those who proactively complain.  we can take the hassle out of the claim for you and reclaim your delayed flight compensation on a no win no fee basis.

Passengers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of regard for their time held by the airlines.  

An American Airlines flight that was scheduled to leave on January 16th at 6.03pm, a passenger recalls: “we were shuffled like hungry cows from gate 52 to 48, from one broken plane to another,…Finally placing us on a flight scheduled to leave 11:45pm, I fell into a dreamy sleep……..the attendant unexpectedly shocked: “I’m sorry ladies and gents, but the pilot did not show up. So we will have a flight for you 8:30 am tomorrow morning.”  The passenger states American Airlines not only ruined the next morning’s work and Miami, but also their Birthday.   Delayed passengers were forced to sleep on the carpet, with blankets and pillows. 

As many people don’t claim compensation for delayed flights airlines continue to profit greatly.

If you have suffered a flight delay please contact us to ascertain if you can reclaim compensation.

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