Airlines Loses Delayed flight claim.

A court has ruled that an Airline cannot delay the payment of flight delay compensation, using an argument that another test case is being brought before an EU Court and therefore any claim now should be put on hold.

Late last year the Supreme Court ruled that Flight Companies cannot use the “technical issues” exception to prevent a claim being made by passengers who have been delayed at an airport . OUr previous blog on this article (see summary below) refers.

Flight delay compensation: floodgates are now open!

In a surprise Supreme Court Judgment on the 31st October 2014, the Court refused leave to appeal against and Thomson Airways. The two cases cited at court were: Limited v Huzar and

Thomson Airways Limited v Dawson

Liverpool Court

In a recent case following the Supreme Court’s ruling, a County Court Judge ordered the Airline Company to pay out the flight delay compensation despite the “other test case” not being heard to date. The Judge said that

A Judge at the Liverpool County Court has ordered Jet 2 to pay flight delay compensation to claimant passengers who had their flight delayed. The Judge rightly concluded that “justice delayed is justice denied.”

Make a Flight Delay Claim Now

Despite the fact that certain Airlines intend to delay compensation for flight delays, a claim can still be made and payments ordered by the court if need be, to be paid immediately.

How to claim for flight delay compensation

To claim for flight delay compensation with our expert solicitors please click here How to claim for flight delay compensation.

Flight Delay Compensation Claim Form

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