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Age Related Deafness – not Work Related

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You cannot claim for work related deafness compensation where any damage to your hearing as been caused by presbycusis or in other words due to age.  

This is because as we all get older we all lose part of our hearing.  The rate of hearing loss is different from person to person so there is no way of knowing for a given individual how your age related hearing loss has affected you if there are also other factors that affect your hearing.

Deafness Compensation Claims

The main factor, as industrial deafness solicitors are concerned with is where the worker has been exposed to damaging levels of noise in the work place.  We are all aware that loud noise can cause deafness.  The noise can be continuous over a period of weeks, months or  years or a one off such as an explosion.

Employers owe a duty of care to all their employees to protect them from dangerous levels of noise since 1963 and as the scientific knowledge has became better informed there have been grater regulation and protection for employees since that important date.

Deafness Compensation Calculator & Age Related Loss

Specialist deafness claim solicitor with the help of the hearing experts (ENT) will, when calculating a claim for hearing loss compensation take into account not only your personal circumstances at work and medical background to screen out any other possible factor that can cause hearing loss but also assess your possible age related loss.  Other factors where compensation may not be paid which could also affect your ability to hear is where there has been damage due to a head injury, born defects or certain drugs/medication you have taken where a side affect could damage your hearing.

Hearing Loss Compensation Calculator

To find out how much your work related deafness claim is worth contact the specialist solicitor now for advice all under our no win no fee solicitor service.

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