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Subject: Accident at work and solicitors, Personal injury at work

Keywords: Tripping and slipping at work, compensation at work, accident at work, no win, no fee at work claim, back injury caused at work,manual handling

Abstract:A middle aged man was working as an electrician. During his employment he was asked to carry a heavy piece of equipment up the stairs with a colleague. The machinery started to tip back on to him. He told his colleague that it was tipping and was going to fall, but it was too late and he fell down several stairs falling backwards.

The impact was onto concrete stairs and the equipment also landed on him trapping his leg. The fall at work resulted in a fracture to his fibula and soft tissue injury to his shoulder, back and cervical spine.

The claimant worked full time before the accident, after his accident at work managed only on light duties when he returned after 3 months off work. He was on light duties for approximately 6 months and regained his pre-accident work levels some 12 months after the accident.

he claimant’s main injury at work related to his fracture to his leg in addition to the multiple soft tissue injuries. The claim was valued by his accident at work solicitors at £8,250 and loss of earnings were valued at £14,450. In addition he was able to recover is out of pocket expenses and other financial losses.


Leg Injuries

Total Loss of Both Legs


Below-knee Amputation of Both Legs


Above-knee Amputation of One Leg


The Most Serious Injuries short of Amputation


Serious leg injuries


With multiple fractures, limited movements


Fractures with incomplete recovery


Simple fractures


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