A Man using large machinery was awarded £10,000 after he sustained a serious injury. The clients hand was crushed while he was putting up a fence in a construction site. He was partly to blame as he was being careless while using this machinery.

A fencing contractor aged 40, claimed compensation off his contractor for his serious hand injury. This client was putting a fence up and while trying to line it up, he was unable to hold the machine properly as his assistant went for his lunch early. The claimant said he was under time-pressure to get the work done which is why he continued to work. The fence collapsed on his hand crushing it.

The crush injury to his hand caused him to be off work for more than three months. As he was off work for a long period of time he was attending regular physiotherapy sessions. His compensation for the work accident amounted to £7,000. His hand would return to being fully functional 2.5 years following the work accident where he would only suffer from occasional pain particularly in the cold weather.

His loss of earnings while he was off work added up to a little under £3,000 his total sum was £12,300 with other out of pocket work expenses.

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