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Subject: Accident at work and solicitors, Personal injury at work Keywords: compensation at work, accident at work, no win, no fee at work claim, Abstract: : The claimant raised action against his employer due to a work accident when he was hired to work on a farm. The work accident caused the claimant to be blind in one eye. The claimant was using a mowing and baling machine that his employer had hired. Though the employer was not there when the claimant was using the machine the employer gave the claimant permission. After he had completed a job he wanted to adjust the engine as he thought something was wrong with it. When he was adjusting it however a bolt flew of and hit him in the eye, making him blind in his right eye. The farm worker’s compensation was reduced by 25% due to the fact the the work accident was caused, in part by the employee taking it upon himself to fix the machine which he was never required or requested to do by his employer. As a result of the shared negligence the claimant received £44,400 for his eye injury at work. Eye injuries at work compensation, how much compensation guide? Eye Injuries Total Blindness and Deafness To £326,700 Total Blindness To £217,250 Total Loss of One Eye £44,330 £53,020 Serious loss of vision in one eye £39,820 £44,000 Minor to some permanent impairment £3,190 £7,040 For Facial injuries at work see our video compensation guide

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