Accidents at work unfortunately happen notwithstanding all the Law and Regulations in place to limit or prevent injury at work. Every employer has a legal duty to protect employees at work. The most obvious example people think about is where a employer must ensure all dangerous machinery are guarded. But even today, there are many employers who expose their employees such damaging risks which result in injury and loss.

But many accidents at work are not caused by industrial size machine. They occur over mundane workingpractices, some common examples are as follows:

  • Slips, Trips & Falls: the significant number of injures in the work place occur by slipping or tripping accidents. So for instance when there are trailing wires in the office; slipping on water or some other slippery substance; falling from a ladder not properly secured or down steps that were either defective or the premises were not well lit.
  • Manual handling at work: there are many work accidents that involve repetitive movement that over a period of time may result in injury. Many manual handling claims at work involve an injury to the back. Not all manual handling however areas a result of a continuousmovements over time as often many work accidents happen by a “one off accident” such as lifting a heavy box resulting a back injury or disc prolapse.
  • Fatal accidents at work: regrettably fatal accidents in the work place are still too common. Many can be avoided if Employers undertake correct risk assessment andprovide correct safety equipment. This link to the fatal accidents at work will take you to our dedicated fatal accident web site for a great deal of information and expert advice.

Not sure about claiming against your employer?

We understand that many employees do not wish to claim against their employer for a variety of reasons. However what must be remembered is that the work accident claim is only in name only against your Employer, the compensation award will be paid by their Employer’s Liability Insurance Company. Indeed, all Employers (just like all motorists) must have insurance to protect them against claims at work so there should not be anything to worry about. In addition there are many employment laws that are also there to protect employees for unlawful discrimination.

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