Recall Letter from Mercedes?

If like thousands of Mercedes customers you have had a recall letter (or not) and owned a diesel car or van from the German manufacturer, you could be entitled to £thousands due to them being fined by the Regulator for ‘cheating’ the testing NOX emissions laws that are required so as to limit dangerous particles into the atmoshhere.

Why does it matter to claim?

It matters for many reasons as excess levels of NOx emissions (nitrogen oxide) from diesel exhausts are proven to be dangerous.  Why should you claim?

  1. Your vehicle may lose its value due to the scandal.
  2. Protect the earth and environment – the NOx emissions contribute to formation of smog, acid rain and affects Earth’s ozone layers.
  3. Disproportionately affects children and the vunerable with respiratory problems such as asthma.
  4. Penalises other motor manufacturers who comply with the laws.

If you do nothing manufactuers will get away with ‘cheating laws’ that are designed to protect us.  You should make a stand, VW NOx Emissions Class Action has already lost the first round of the litigation that are at an advanced stage.

Claimant solcitors are now making a further class action claim.  Join us now, mercedes diesel emissions claims.

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