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A woman of 22 who had a child was killed by 230 volts of electricity when she was mopping up water that was leaking from her boiler. The boiler had been tested but the electrician was unqualified. The woman who was involved in the fatal accident suffered the fatal shock while her one year old son was playing in the living room.

The mains where inspected just months before the fatal accident occurred. She tried to turn off the stopcock to stop the leakage of the boiler, though she was hit by the volts of electricity and became unconscious immediately. Her boyfriend discovered her body when he returned to the home.

The documents confirming the inspection of the electrical testing of the property was that the person who undertook the testing was unqualified. The documents say that he carried out the test with care and that the circuits were safe. His work was approved by his supervisor who was qualified and managed the block at Anchor Electrical and Building Services.

In the fatal accident police report said he was a friend of an electrician and that he was not as qualified. When the circuits were re-inspected a cable had been penetrated by a screw when being constructed. The penetrated cable caused a metal frame to charge with 230 volts. The screw was used to attach the plasterboard to the metal frame. Also the water leaking from the boiler went under the skirting board and was touching the metal frame. When she knelt in the puddle to mop she became charged and she touched the stopcock she suffered fatal accident.

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