Flight delay compensation

Thursday 28th July 2016

Flight delay compensation due to passengers following Air Transat flight from Glasgow Airport.   Air Transat’s president says the carrier... View Article

VW Emissions Scandal

Saturday 23rd July 2016

VW accused of fraud “at all levels” following emissions scandal According to The Times VW have been accused of orchestrating a... View Article

VW Emissions Scandal

Thursday 21st July 2016

US States planning to sue VW following Emissions Scandal According to the BBC three US states have taken legal action... View Article

VW – Emissions Scandal

Monday 18th July 2016

VW criticised by MP’s for failing to compensate UK owners According to the BBC VW’s failure to compensate UK owners... View Article

VW Emissions Scandal

Thursday 14th July 2016

Concerns raised as to whether VW will stay committed to climate change   According to Eco-Business the huge payments made... View Article

Delayed flight claim

Monday 11th July 2016

Delayed flight claim Flight delay claims continue as thousands of passengers are having to take the airlines to Court for... View Article