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Since its foundation R. James Hutcheon Solicitors has strengthened its core litigation capabilities dealing with personal injury, consumer disputes, sporting law and mis-selling of financial products.

Combining individual needs with volume litigation experience spanning more than 20 years the practice has forged key partnerships to deliver cost efficient legal services along with new product developments.

Why R. James Hutcheon Solicitors?

With the challenges to the legal market, the environment has become more complex. Therefore it is critical to have experience and insight when seeking solutions to evolving legal service and representation issues.

Personal Injury

Another reason to instruct us is that subject to the value and type of case we do not charge many of our clients up to 25% of the value of their personal injury compensation.  Many solicitors are now charging 25% of Client’s compensation due to a change in the Law from April 2013.  Clients therefore in many cases have the ability to keep 100% of the compensation if they win and if the case is lost, nothing if you lose, but only if you instruct us.

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Change Solicitors, It’s Easy

Many injury claimants come to us direct but also a fair proportion transfer to us via their insurance panel solicitors or are simply not happy with their current solicitors.  One client transferred to us after 4 years with her insurance panel solicitors and we increased her compensation  from £25,000 to £100,000.

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